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Gas Power

54CC of Gas powered, tree cutting muscle. Feel the roar of the saw and watch them all fall.

Need something Quiet?

Everyone knows that if a tree falls in the forest that it doesn't make a sound, but boy oh boy, if you need to take one out in the middle of the night, people sure notice when you fire up the chainsaw. Breaking out the monster gas chopper sure gets a lot of stares, but you can whip out an electric, and nobody will even notice until that leafy bastard is laying in the street

Put your back into it!

If you're one of those technophobes out there that can't handle newfangled inventions like the chainsaw, we've got something for you. This 23 and a half inch axe, with forged steel head and fiberglass handle not only feels nice in your hands, but cuts like a knife through butter.

One limb at a time!

Maybe you're not ready to take out a whole tree yet. Maybe you just like it to take longer. Who knows, who cares. There's no reason to climb up and chop limb by limb anymore, this electric pole saw allows you to take out a branch up to 20" in diameter from up to 8 feet away!

The Silent Killer

Many people like the hands on approach of cutting tools, but there's a certain satisfaction to be had while watching your enemy wither and die.

Know your enemy!

You can never have too much information about the enemy. Luckily, information is simply a click away.

Teach your children right!

The manufacturer says that this product is for kids 24 months and up, but we see no reason why every child should not be given one at birth. With realistic sounds and movement, your child will be itching to try out the real thing as soon as they can!

Maximum Coverage